Dazzling Array of Necklace Stacks Await

When it comes to accessorizing your look, a well-curated necklace stack isn’t just about piling on pieces—it’s a delicate art form that balances elements to create a fashion masterpiece that reflects the wearer’s unique style. In a world where one statement piece is enough, a carefully curated collection of bangle bracelets, dainty stacking rings, and eye-catching pendants is an invitation to express your personal style.

Whether your style Dazzling Array of Necklace Stacks Await!  is ethereal, elegant, or sophisticated, we’ve got the perfect stacked jewelry for you. We’ve gathered our favorite jewelry from around the globe, including a Brooklyn-based line known for its artisanal creations. Take The Curved Bubble Pendant, for example: It’s a mesmerizing play of sparkling diamonds that accentuates your neckline in the most graceful way, just like nature’s gentle breezes.

Another Brooklyn-based brand, Catbird, has become a go-to for those who appreciate craftsmanship and conscious collecting in their accessories. Founder Blakely Thornton’s direct-to-consumer jewelry brand is eco-friendly and invests 20% of its profits into underrepresented entrepreneurs through its Civil Fund—so you can feel good about wearing a stack of dainty stacking rings ($48) or the unique, sculptural gold medallions ($745) that make up their signature collections.

London-based designer Emefa Cole combines her love of jewelry and gemstones with her fearless drive to stand out. Her bold metal designs, such as The Squared Disc Pendant, are made for women who dare to be different. Seattle-based jeweler Valerie Madison melds her love of jewelry and nature with her commitment to ethical practice, sourcing materials that are both beautiful and sustainable. Octave Jewelry, which designer and founder Opeyemi Omojola launched in honor of her late mother, reflects geometric shapes and the elements in its delicate and textured designs. And if you’re searching for a more playful style, the AAPI-founded jewelry line JeBlanc, designed by Jeniece Blanchet, offers multifunctional and one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to empower the wearer with a sense of self-love.