So you’ve heard about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from friends, maybe seen some clips on instagram or even watched the UFC and are interested in trying it. It’s a fun, challenging workout that improves strength, flexibility and confidence, but more importantly is a great form of self-defence. You might be thinking – that’s all well and good, but where do I start?

Luckily, Melbourne is home to some top-class BJJ gyms with renowned trainers and world-class facilities. These 14 bjj Melbourne are perfect for anyone looking to learn this unique martial art.

This is a top-notch academy with some of the best coaching in Melbourne. Their team is really a family and the environment is welcoming for beginners. I recommend this place to anyone that wants to get into Jiu Jitsu, whether for sport, self defence or just to be fit!

John Donehue Jiu-Jitsu and MMA is a large and diverse gym in the western suburbs of Melbourne, offering classes in a variety of martial arts. This includes jiu-jitsu, MMA and kids martial arts, with the head coach at this Melbourne gym being a highly experienced and knowledgeable head instructor. John has also worked with a number of professional sporting organisations, highlighting the benefits of jiu-jitsu in complementing other forms of training.

Jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that relies on leverage, technique and control. Unlike most martial arts where the stronger person wins, jiu-jitsu is designed to allow smaller and weaker people to submit larger, more powerful opponents through submission holds. It is a fun and effective way to stay active, while learning a valuable skill set that can be applied in a range of situations, from self-defence to MMA competitions.

The Gracie family brought the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to worldwide fame in the 1990s when Royce Gracie won the first ever UFC event. Since then, BJJ has become a popular combat sport and effective form of self-defence. The popularity of this martial art in Australia is growing rapidly, and there are now many bjj Melbourne that offer high-quality training with renowned coaches.

Having a strong social media presence is important for any business, but especially so for a gym or martial arts school. Potential students want to know what kind of culture and atmosphere a club has, how welcoming they are for total beginners, what sort of training partners they have and how friendly and supportive the instructors are. Social media is a great tool to use to get a feel for the culture of a BJJ gym before you visit them in person.

If you see a gym with lots of positive reviews online, it’s worth calling them up to ask questions. Most gyms will be happy to answer your queries, and they might even be able to give you a tour of the facility before you sign up. This will help you to figure out if they’re the right fit for you. You can also ask about class sizes, the facilities, what type of BJJ training they offer and more.