Hitachi maintenance offers a wide range of services to help you keep your machines running. These include preventive maintenance, diagnostics and repairs of your machines and the use of genuine parts to ensure their performance and durability.

Maintaining your Hitachi equipment is essential for ensuring the best possible return on investment and maximising the lifetime value of your machinery. The Hitachi Extended Life Program can help you optimise the performance of your machine and minimise your repair costs, as well as reducing downtime and enhancing resale value.

With the right maintenance plan, your equipment can stay up and running, even in harsh conditions. It can also help you to reduce your downtime costs and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

Your local dealer has the expertise to support your Hitachi equipment and help you choose the best maintenance package for your needs.

Our service engineers perform preventive maintenance activities on machines to minimize downtime and eliminate unexpected accidents. They visit your plant to inspect and check the operation of your machines and record the results into the computerized maintenance archive management system. This hitachi mpdr download information can be used in the future for the planning of modernization and retrofits.

Periodical inspection of your equipment helps us to identify the cause of any problems before they occur, so we can avoid the need for costly repairs. This is especially true of high-tech equipment, where a breakdown can be catastrophic and the costs associated with it can be significant.

We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance plans, designed to suit your specific business requirements and budget. These cover all the basics, such as scheduled routines and visits to your facility by our technicians, but they also incorporate specialist services, aimed at keeping your machines working longer than ever before.

Our predictive maintenance solutions can save you time and money, while boosting your productivity and safety. Our software can predict when your equipment might break down, so you can take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The technology is already being implemented in companies across the world, including manufacturing, transportation and automotive, infrastructure management, oil and gas and mining. It can even help to make the world a safer place, preventing equipment failures that could lead to serious incidents.

In the power industry, implementing the right maintenance plan can reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of your wind power facilities, as well as your company’s bottom line. This is particularly important as Japan continues to develop and implement plans to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, with wind power one of the prime sources of electricity.

A maintenance plan based on the Japanese wind power association’s guidelines can help to ensure that your facilities are safe and secure, as well as helping you to minimize your expenses in the long run.

In addition to maintaining your equipment, our dedicated network of dealers is here to help you expand your operations and refine your most profitable parts of business with programs and tools built to help you keep up. These include Hitachi Select Parts and Genuine Parts that have been proven in the field and are backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer a range of Performance Parts that will allow you to operate your machinery in demanding conditions, with improved durability and enhanced performance.