Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or just a beginner, merino wool clothe is the perfect material for your next outdoor adventure. It’s naturally breathable, keeps you warm and dry, and is super comfortable to wear without feeling itchy or heavy. Plus, it’s easy to take care of.

Taking care of your merino wool garments can keep them looking great longer and help reduce the impact you have on the environment. Washing your merino garments after each wear cycle will help them last the longest and keep their moisture-wicking properties intact.

The fibers in merino are a little smaller than the ones used in synthetic fabrics, so they wick away more sweat and stay fresher for longer. This also means that merino can absorb up to a third of its weight in water, so it’s ideal for keeping you dry while running or hiking.

It’s a natural insulator, too: The crimp in merino traps heat and pulls it away from the skin. This helps to regulate body temperature in the heat and keeps you pleasantly warm when it’s cold.

Merino’s natural insulation doesn’t stop there: It also wicks away sweat and excess heat. This is because the space between the fibers lets air through, and it’s a two-way street. If a synthetic layer is in the mix, it mucks up that escape route and condenses your body heat, making you sweat more.

You can findĀ merino wool leggings canada clothing in all shapes and sizes, from base layers to long-sleeved shirts and jackets. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, from earth tones to neutrals, and many look like cotton.

The best merino wool clothes are made by brands that take care of their sheep. Often, they’ll only use merino from ethically managed farms that shear their sheep only once or twice a year (called “mulesing”) to avoid a blowfly infestation called flystrike, which can irritate the skin folds around the anus.

In addition to its natural insulation, merino wool clothes also have anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties that make them a good choice for active people. They’re also naturally wrinkle-resistant, so they don’t require ironing or a lot of attention after every wear.

These clothes are also naturally odor-resistant, so they don’t need to be washed as frequently, which can save time and money. It’s a good idea to rinse your clothes after every wear to get rid of any residual dirt, and hang them up to air dry before putting them in the laundry.

Depending on the brand, you can expect that merino wool will last longer and hold up better over time than other fabrics. In fact, it’s recommended that you only wash a merino wool garment after about 5-15 wear cycles to keep it healthy and perform its best.

One last thing to note: It’s important that you avoid using harsh soaps, detergents or fabric softeners in your merino wool garments. These may damage the material and cause it to break down faster, so be sure to select a reputable brand that uses only non-toxic and biodegradable products.