Sacramento offers ideal riding weather throughout the year and a lot of beautiful scenery to enjoy on a motorcycle. Despite these positive attributes, roadways in the area can be dangerous and motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injury or death when they collide with other vehicles. Accidents involving motorcycles can be more devastating than those involving passenger cars or trucks due to the fact that the rider has no seat belt or airbags to protect them. In addition, minor hazards like road debris, potholes and uneven lanes can cause a motorcycle to slide off the roadway and crash, resulting in severe injury. Motorcyclists who are injured in crashes that are not their fault have the right to receive financial compensation for all of their medical expenses, loss of earnings and physical and emotional injuries. Individuals who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident can also seek wrongful death damages.

An experienced Sacramento motorcycle accident advocate can help individuals claim the maximum amount of compensation for their losses and injuries. They can investigate the accident, interview witnesses and collect evidence such as police reports, medical records, photographs of the crash scene and digital data from traffic camera footage and vehicle computer files. They can also advise clients on time limits that apply to filing claims and guide them through the process of negotiating with insurance companies to obtain fair settlements.

A Sacramento motorcycle accident advocate can also assess the extent of their client’s injuries and losses, taking into account all of the financial and psychological impacts caused by the collision. They can determine the underlying causes of the motorcycle accident, which may include driving under the influence, failure to observe traffic laws, distracted driving and speeding. In California, liability is assigned through a system of comparative fault, which means that an individual can still recover compensation for their losses even if they are partially to blame for the crash.

They can work with medical professionals to obtain accurate estimates of their client’s long-term needs, including rehabilitation, physical therapy and prosthetics. A lawyer can then use this information to develop a detailed estimate of their client’s total economic and non-economic losses and present them to the insurance company as proof of their case for compensation. This increases the chances of obtaining a higher settlement that accounts for all of their current and future losses.